Like a Woman

Multimedia project about women who are working in male dominated professions.

Environmental portraits and short video stories about women who are breaking barriers. My goal for this project is to change the consciousness of our culture, empower women and achieve gender equality in the global work force.


I am looking for subjects for this project. Are you a woman pilot, mechanic, engineer, computer programmer, professional race car driver, movie director, architect, firefighter, CEO or working in other traditionally male dominated fields? I’d like to hear from you.

 Contact: Gail Mooney

“As a female photographer and filmmaker I’ve spent a lifetime in a male dominated profession. Things have changed since I entered this business three decades ago, but women have a way to go in terms of equal opportunities and pay, especially in the movie industry.” Gail Mooney

Patrice Banks - Girls Auto ClinicKiwanis volunteers repairing home after Hurricane Sandy, NJRonni Kahn, Oz Harvest, Sydney, AustraliaEmily Hennely, Organic farmerGina Low, APECA, Amazon River, Peru